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How PureCam Footage Could Help Recover Your Stolen Car

The PureCam car security system uses 24-hour video surveillance of the inside and outside of your vehicle, combined with a built-in GPS. Video recordings are stored on the device's SD card and uploaded to cloud storage. These recordings and GPS data can be accessed through your PureCam app and used to help locate your vehicle.

How PureCam Footage Could Help Recover Your Stolen Car

Law enforcement members have long used dash cameras to help catch criminals. Now that technology is readily available to civilians, as well. In the event your car is ever stolen, having the PureCam dash cam from PureGear is like having your own personal investigator. And unlike investigators who have to request overtime, PureCam is always on duty, whether your car is parked or on the move.

Powerful dual dash cameras

The PureCam dashboard camera has two cameras for recording. The interior-facing camera can capture video of whoever stole your car. This camera can record in 720p and has infra-red night vision.

The exterior-facing camera, which records in 1080p, 720p, and VGA, can reveal where your car is. PureCam takes emergency videos ranging from 16 to 30 seconds long, and it can save about 80 minutes of recorded video when the outside camera is set at 1080P. (Or up to 250 minutes at a lower resolution.)

You can view either camera via live streaming using the app on your smart device. If there is ever an accident – and that would include a thief breaking the window to get inside your vehicle – PureCam will automatically upload emergency video to the cloud over a fast 4G LTE network connection. If the car camera G-sensor detects movement twice in 15 seconds, it will wake up your PureCam and start recording. It will record for 5 minutes then return to Silent Mode, unless another incident is triggered. If it is, the emergency video will be uploaded, a Push Notification will be sent to you and an email will be sent to your Emergency Contacts.

That means your PureCam may be able to alert you to a theft even before you realize your car is missing, thereby notifying the police immediately and increasing the likelihood of it being recovered more quickly.

Retrieving images – aka evidence

The dash cameras are one of the most impressive features of the PureCam, but taking videos isn’t all. Being able to retrieve those images is crucial. PureCam stores videos in the cloud. You can also take a screenshot of streaming video, creating a single photo.

If you need to save the videos or photos permanently, such as for the police or your insurance company, you can upload them to your computer. This forever documentation is a powerful persuader to add that to your car camera system purchase. Aside from theft, having access to those images can protect you or a loved one who can’t prove details of an accident. And if your car is stolen and the thieves disabled the PureCam device, they can’t access the video footage already stored over the cloud.

And if you ever lose your phone, your access to your PureCam isn’t lost, too. You can download the app to multiple Android or iOS smart devices and regain access to all your photos and videos.

GPS can track your vehicle

The built-in GPS helps you quickly find your car if it’s stolen (or in a less serious instance of you forgetting where you parked). The GPS coordinates from the GPS sensor is accessible through your PureCam app. Just press the Location Pin icon under My PureCam on your app. Again, this is a helpful part of your car camera that can inform the police of the last known location of your vehicle.