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PureCam Connected Car Security System with 16GB SD Card & 4-Month 5GB Monthly Data Plan ($114 value)


PureCam Connected Car Security System with 16GB SD Card & 4-Month 5GB Monthly Data Plan ($114 value)

SKU 51985PUR
Brand PureCam
Feature Highlights:
  • This bundled PureCam comes with one 5GB Per Month 4G LTE Wireless Data Plan for 4 Months ($114 value), one 16GB SD Card ($10 value), and Free 7.5GB of Cloud Storage Per Month for 12 months
  • 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and live streaming from anywhere in the world
  • Dual cameras allow you to record events occurring both inside and outside the vehicle simultaneously
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with hotspot for up to three devices
  • Parking surveillance recording (Cloud and Micro SD) is automatically triggered in the event of a break-in or hit-and-run
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • 4” HD LCD color screen with picture-in-picture function
  • Built-in GPS to easily locate your vehicle
  • Front-facing camera records in 1080p, 720p, and VGA; interior camera records in 720p as well as IR for night mode recording
  • Parking mode conserves battery life by putting camera to sleep until triggered
  • Capacity to save approximately 320 minutes of recording when outside camera is set at 1080p (or up to 680 minutes at a lower resolution)
  • Pairs to unlimited number of smart phones
  • Easy installation
  • Package comes with OBD-II plug charging cable, adjustable mount, four cable management clips and vehicle installation guide
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    Technical Specifications
    Reviews 3
    You feel safer with a home security system and front door camera. More so when loved ones are home alone. With all those hours we spend on the road, wouldn't it be great to have a device that watched over your car? Yes, it would. That’s why PureGear developed the PureCam Connected Car Security System. You control it from an app on your phone, giving you anywhere-access to attempted theft notices and much more. PureCam has the latest technology and safety features to give you peace of mind on and off the road. The video camera is one of the most impressive features of your PureCam. In the event the G-sensor detects a pre-determined level of motion in or around your car, PureCam takes emergency videos ranging from 12 to 24 seconds long and stores them in the cloud for one month before automatically deleting. You never know when this footage may prove incredibly helpful, providing infallible documentation to your insurance company or other third party. A teen or elderly driver might be flustered after a crash. The videos or photos can protect a loved one who can’t prove details of an accident.
    Technical Specifications
    Data Plan Includes One 5GB Per Month 4G LTE Wireless Data Plan for 4 Month ($114 Value)
    Micro SD Card Includes One 16GB Micro SD Card ($10 Value)
    Cloud Storage 7.5GB
    Compatible Wireless Network Carriers ATT, T-Mobile
    Compatible Vehicles All vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later and come equipped with an OBD-II interface.
    LTE 4G LTE
    Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Hotspot b/g/n 2.4GHz
    GPS Yes
    Camera(s) 2.0
    Display Screen / Screen Size 4" Color IPS LCD (800 X 480)
    Recording Resolution / Video Quality Front facing 1080P, 720P, VGA
    Night Vision Interior infrared
    Automatic Incident Detection / G-Sensor Yes
    Live Streaming Yes / HD
    Recording Capacity 8GB SD Card Storage
    App Compatibility iOS 9 or later and Android 6 or later
    Package Contents PureCam, OBD-II plug charging cable, adjustable mount, 4 cable management clips, vehicle installation guide
    Memory Card 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB Micro SD memory card (Micro SD card must be: FAT32 format, MicroSDHC, Class 10 or higher)
    Viewing Angle Front Facing Camera: 160°
    Frame Rate Front Facing Camera: 30 frames per second
    Loop Recording Duration 1 or 3 or 5 minutes
    Mic/Speaker Yes
    Video Format TS Format
    Input 5V, Maximum 2A
    Low Voltage Protection Yes
    Power Source OBD-II
    Product Dimensions 4.25" x 1" x 3" / 10.8 cm x 2.54 cm x 7.62 cm
    Item Weight 4.4 ozs. / 0.275 lbs.
    Wire/Cord Length 10' / 304.8 cm
    Processor 1.5 GHz, MT8665 Quad Core Processor
    SIM Card Nano
    Languages English, Spanish, French
    Camera Mounting Location Windshield
    Mount Type Suction Cup
    Reviews 3

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    You're reviewing: PureCam Connected Car Security System with 16GB SD Card & 4-Month 5GB Monthly Data Plan ($114 value)

    What data plans can I use?

    PureCam is compatible with T-Mobile.

    What does the PureCam record?

    Your PureCam continuously records while you’re driving. Depending on the size of your Micro SD card and resolution of your videos you can record. Please reference chart below.

    Recording Capacity

    Please note: The information in the chart above are approximate and may vary based on the individual user scenario.

    Who can see my videos?

    Your PureCam videos are only shared with users that have scanned your PureCam QR code.

    Can I use the PureCam anywhere in the world?

    No. The PureCam is only compatible with the cellular network bands used in North America.

    Can my PureCam be traced?

    No. The camera and your data are private. If you share your PureCam with your family or friends, they will be granted access to view your data and videos.

    Can I add multiple PureCams to my PureCam app?

    Yes, you can add up to 3 PureCams to one account.

    Why can't I change the quantity on my purchases?

    The PureCam comes bundled with a standard SD card and a data plan. Because of this, the three items will be locked in at 1 each. You are able to adjust the amount of bundles by scrolling further to the bottom and adjusting the number next to the "Add to Cart" button.

    How does the PureCam affect my car battery?

    The PureCam goes into Parking Mode after 4 minutes if no activity is detected. Parking Mode draws a small amount of power in an effort to preserve battery life. If your battery reaches a low voltage, the PureCam will turn off. The low voltage protection will still allow your car to start. Your battery will recharge as you drive your car.

    What happens if my camera is stolen from my car?

    You will receive a push notification on your phone that a G-sensored event has occurred. The PureCam will be recording, so there will be images of the incident in your cloud memory.

    Will high temperatures affect my PureCam?

    Normal operating temperature is -4°F ~ 149°F (-20° ~ 65°C). We suggest parking under shade during extremely hot weather.

    Support Message Please contact PureCam customer support by phone or email Our customer support is available Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST
    User Manual User Manual
    Certification FCC Statement, IC Statement Certification.png
    With Wi-Fi capabilities you can use your PureCam as mobile Hotspot for up to three devices
    Cloud recording ensures your videos are there when you need them should your PureCam be stolen or destroyed
    Allows you to track your vehicles if it's stolen or if you simply forgot where you parked your car.