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Not Sure Where You Parked? How Your Car Camera Can Help

The PureCam car security system incorporates 24-hour video surveillance of both the exterior and interior of your vehicle and built-in GPS. Video recordings and GPS data can be accessed through your PureCam app and used to locate your vehicle.

Not Sure Where You Parked? How Your Car Camera Can Help

“Dude, Where’s My Car?” may be the title of a comedy, but it’s not so funny when you just need to find it so you can get on with your life, whether it’s going home or to visit that next sales call.

The PureCam dash camera from PureGear can deliver peace of mind and practical solutions for your life on the road – or maybe a parking garage.

Consider the following common scenarios for drivers, and how powerful dash cameras, with videos stored on the device and in the cloud, can help:

You parked on the street

Perhaps you’re in a new city for business or you’re a professional driver in a new neighborhood. It can be easy to forget landmarks that flag where you parked.

PureCam has a dual dash cam - you can see what’s going on inside your car and on the street. That means you have a visual record of your travels – and where you parked – at your fingertips via the PureCam app on your iOS or Android smart device.

The videos will give you a hint of the route you took before parking your vehicle. Additionally, the video captured includes surrounding buildings and landmarks you passed that may help your recollection or search.

Your car is in a large parking lot or structure

Today’s world of mega malls and office buildings often mean mega parking lots, as well. It’s easy to focus on your task at hand and forget to write down Orange 4, the section where you parked. This is especially true for new drivers who may forget this important step.

Depending on the parking structure and layout, your dashboard camera might capture a view of the aisle or section number of your parking spot; again, retrievable from the cloud-stored video.

GPS to locate your vehicle

And the PureCam doesn’t stop with the video camera. It goes the extra mile by including a built-in GPS feature to boost your ability to stay safe – and sane when you are going crazy trying to remember where you parked. The GPS coordinates from the GPS sensor is accessible through your PureCam app. Just press the Location Pin icon under My PureCam on your app. This will launch Google Maps to get you from your current spot to your car far more quickly.

PureCam is always on

No matter where you travel and park, the PureCam is always powered up; it draws power from the battery via the OBD-II port instead of the ignition. And don’t worry about the battery being drained; it reduces power when your vehicle is in parking mode.

The PureCam app is always available

If you happen to lose your phone on the same day you can’t find your car, we feel for you. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use the app to find your car. Your PureCam car camera can pair with an unlimited number of smart devices, yours or a friend’s, so you can reinstall the app, access the videos and data, and be on your way.