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How PureCam Collects Evidence On Your Behalf

The PureCam car security system can help you in the event of an accident or theft by providing documentation to prove responsibility of an accident and help to catch a thief.

How PureCam Collects Evidence On Your Behalf

Law enforcement members have long used dash cameras for observation and documentation, and now this technology is readily available to civilians. Dash cameras allow you to record and take the guesswork out of determining fault in case of an accident.

Images = Evidence

The PureCam dash cameras automatically videotape an accident anytime the sensor is triggered. This means PureCam digitally recalls details, something drivers may not be able to do if they are rattled from the incident.

Documenting an accident is especially important when driving on company time, or a company car. Puram will help you document the incident with video, photos or screenshots for your employer or insurance company.

Being able to retrieve those images is crucial. PureCam stores videos in the cloud for three months, often longer based on the length of the videos. You can take screenshots while streaming the video to document an accident and keep for your permanent records. Providing your insurance company with that documentation can help your claim. (You will need to use your phone’s Wi-Fi or 4G to maximize PureCam’s streaming functionality.)

You can save the videos or photos permanently by uploading them to your computer. This functionality is available via the micro SD card that is installed in your PureCam. This forever documentation is a powerful reason to invest in a PureCam car security system.

You never know when this footage may prove incredibly helpful, providing infallible documentation to protect you or a loved one who can’t prove the details of an accident.

Catching a Criminal

If your car is stolen and the thieves disable the PureCam device, they will not be able to access video footage already stored in the cloud. As an additional safeguard, if you ever lose your phone, you can use your PureCam account’s email to download and re-access videos.

You can view either camera via live streaming using the app on your smart device. This means your PureCam may be able to alert you of theft even before you realize your car is missing. This lets you notify the police immediately and increases the likelihood of your car being recovered more quickly.