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The PureCam Mobile App

Can I add multiple PureCams to my PureCam app?

Yes, you can add up to 3 PureCams to one account.

If you get a message on your app that says “Connection Error”

If you have more than one user paired to your PureCam, make sure they are not currently live streaming or attempting to live stream. The PureCam only allows one user to live stream at a time.

How does the PureCam screensaver work?

When screen saver is turned ON, the PureCam will still record (screen will have no image/black screen). Press any button on the PureCam to view the screen.

Can I grant access to multiple users?

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of users. Please note, they must set up an account to view your PureCam. Download the app from the app store to set up the account.

What type of Nano SIM cards are compatible with the PureCam?

If you are going to use a Nano SIM card other than one sold through PureCam, it must first be a compatible Network.

PureCam is generally compatible with the T-Mobile 4G LTE Network.

The Nano SIM Card must be unlocked and cannot be tied to a specific device's IMEI number.

The Nano SIM card must include data in their plan, and the data plan must be 4G LTE.  E.g. a Nano SIM with only voice and text will not work

How do I remove Mobile App accounts from my PureCam?

If an App account is connected to a PureCam, they can click on the My PureCam button from their app and click the red X to remove the PureCam device from their account. However, You will not be able to remove specific App accounts from your PureCam through this.

You can, however, do a Factory Reset which will remove all apps connected to the PureCam. Go into your App and click on the Information tab (the fifth one down).

Choose the last option, Factory Reset and press the Factory Reset button. Choose yes and your PureCam's online information will be reset.

Note: this will remove all currently uploaded videos and email accounts connected to it and you will need to re-register the QR code if you wish to connect it again.

What do I do if my car is broken into?

While the PureCam’s parking mode is designed to alert the customer in the event of a break in, it is important to always put your own safety as a priority. In the event you are alerted to a break in, call 911 and alert the authorities immediately. PureCam does not send any notification to local authorities or call them on its own so you will need to contact them.

Do not take the situation into your own hands and confront them for the sake of your safety and others and to avoid committing any possibly illegal acts. Moreover, do not use the footage for the purposes of retaliation such as extortion or violence.

Again, do not attempt to confront the person or persons breaking in.

Can my phone use the PureCam App?

You must have iOS 9.0/Android OS 6.0 or higher to use the PureCam App.

How can I retrieve my cloud videos if I lose my phone?

In the unfortunate event that you lose your phone, you can use the same email address that you registered using a different device. Download the PureCam app and follow the instructions to log in to your account.

Why am I receiving “Your PureCam app does not have permission to access your gallery”?

Go to your phone’s setting, under the PureCam app and grant permission so the PureCam can access your photos/camera.