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Do I need any additional equipment to install my PureCam?

Your PureCam box contains everything needed for installation and needs no additional equipment. It comes with a suction mount for placing your PureCam on your interior windshield and set of cable management clips for keeping your OBD-II cord out of the way of your car.

Download PureCam Vehicle Installation Guide

You can download the Vehicle Installation Guide HERE

Where can I get my PureCam installed?

The PureCam is simple to install, however, if you would like professional installation, your PureCam can be installed by your local car shop that installs car products. 

You can use Google Maps to search for one of these key relevant phrases: Car Audio Installation, Car Alarm Installation, Window Tint Installation, along with your zip code.

While doing your research, be sure to ask if the shop installs devices for the OBD-II Port. 

Click HERE to begin your search.

Please note: PureCam/PureGear does not endorse any third party business(es) and is not responsible for any incident or damage caused by the installer. 

Do I need the cable management clips?

The enclosed cable management clips help to provide extra support in securing the cables. They keep them tidy and out of sight.

How do I install the suction mount on my dashboard?

Be sure the latch next to the suction device is unlocked and flipped up. Press the suction cup to the windshield (makes sure your windshield is clean and unobstructed) and once in place flip down the latch. Click HERE or watch below for the PureCam's installation guide.

Download PureCam 1.0 User Manual

You can download the user manual HERE

Can I use another outlet besides the OBD-II port?

The PureCam is designed with an OBD-ll charger to allow use even when the car is turned off. That way your Parking Mode can detect if an accident occurs or if there is an attempted break in, and allows you to remotely stream from your mobile app.

The main power course, however, is a standard mini-usb cord so any power source would be able to power the device such as the DC charger port on your car. Using this is not recommended however as the device will not work once the car's engine has been turned off.

If you are having trouble accessing your OBD-II port or do not have access to it, please speak with your local auto shop for further assistant for installation or getting an adapter.

What happens if I turn off Parking Mode?

The PureCam will go into standby mode after 4 minutes. Motion or triggering the G-sensor will wake up the PureCam, however it will not send a notification to your app or upload an emergency video. If there is no motion after 4 minutes it will go back into sleep mode. If during those 4 minutes of activity something again triggers the G-Sensor an emergency notification will go out and an emergency video will be uploaded.

I've heard that plugging items into the OBD-II connector port can void my car warranty?

The PureCam only draws power from the OBD-II connector (not data) and we have been careful to ensure no damage is done to the vehicle by using the product. You would need to check with your vehicle's warranty for their policy on OBD-II connections.

Can I turn off the interior camera?

Yes. Go to your PureCam and press the up arrow button on the side. When you see the screen only displaying the outside view, you will only be recording from the front facing camera. Note: You can still live steam and view the interior camera.