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Data Plans

Do you need a data plan with a new SIM card or a plan renewal for your PureCam Connected Car Security System? We have several options to choose from. There are monthly 4G LTE data plans with 3GB, 6GB or unlimited data with a 3-month commitment. Choose the data plan that best fits the way you use your vehicle and the functionality you want with your PureCam security system.

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What Size of Data Plan Do You Need?

For new PureCam users, the data plan choices depend on how you intend to use your PureCam system. If the main purpose is a security system that automatically triggers if there is a hit-and-run or a break-in, the 3GB data plan is probably sufficient. If you are a moderate user of the built-in Wi-Fi and live streaming capability, recording events inside and outside the vehicle, then you might want to consider the 6GB monthly 4G data plan. For constant monitoring of drivers or recording all activities while on the road or parked at a remote location, the unlimited data plan is the best choice. All three data plans are available with a new SIM card.

Upgrade Your Data Plan for Optimal System Use

If you’re an existing user and you want to experience all that PureCam has to offer, consider upgrading your data plan to 6GB or unlimited. With the PureCam system, you can simultaneously record and stream events inside and outside your car or truck, live streaming remotely via Wi-Fi or on your iPhone or Android device. There is also a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that can accommodate up to three devices, and built-in GPS for quickly locating your vehicle.